Coming soon....!

Share your photos, of you outdoors in the nude, in the Pittsburgh area!

Models wanted!! We need models to work outdoors quickly, and professionally, and we need models willing to work on short notice for nudes in the snow to be featured on our other sites --, and several others.

Contact us through our main "Body as Art" site --, or one of our main Glamour/Pin-up sites We've been around, on-line, since 1984, and on the Internet since 1993.

As always -- No hype, no flashy graphics, no empty promises -- just the high-quality, original images you've come to expect -- and want to see. No pop ups, no blind links, no banner overload, no page after page of links to other sites -- the same links and sites you see everywhere you go. All original. All GirliePix & TexasGlamour images.